Een interview met Adventure Racer Gary Robbins en Mike Closer

Op de de site van Endurance Planet staat twee interviews met adventure racers Gary Robbins en met teamcaptain van ar team Nike, Mike Closer die nu in Abu Dhabi raced.
Je kunt  hier naar Gary luisteren en hier naar Mike beluisteren. Hieronder de intro`s zoals beschreven op endurance planet.

Some people might argue that stubbornness is a character flaw but it’s not if you’re an endurance athlete. Ask Gary Robbins of North Vancouver, British Columbia. The 32-year-old adventure racer took his never-say-die attitude into his first 100-mile ultramarathon this past year and set a new course record. Today on Endurance Planet we hear about the source of Gary’s stubbornness and we hear about his favorite mid-race hallucinations. "Hey, how did that 7-Eleven get in the wilderness?"
To learn more about Gary visit his blog at www.garyrobbins.blogspot.com

Team Nike adventure racing captain Mike Kloser was competing in Brazil earlier this month. He's in Abu Dhabi this week. And on February 11th he'll be defending his Winter Triathlon National Championship on Mount Bacheler in Bend, Oregon. Did we mention he'll turn 49 between now and then? Today on Endurance Planet we hear from the elite racer about the art of adapting to your conditions.
Dit is zijn site ,http://www.mikekloser.com/

Hieronder Mike Closer in een kleine kennismaking.

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