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Fietsers kunnen binnen op hun hometrainer fietsen,  lopers op hun loopband, lezen hoef je niet in een bibliotheek te doen en om muziek te luistern hoef je ook niet naar een concert te gaan.  En nu kun je ook al orientationrunning thuis oefenen dank zij Catching Features :

Catching Features is an orienteering game you can play at home. Use it for rainy-day training or rest-day enjoyment. Several different modes of play are available. Individual courses are run with interval starts against computer opponents, or with a mass start against lots of them. Relay events allow you to run one leg of a forked relay course.

Each course you run will earn you a number of ranking points based on the other runners that day. By earning more points you can unlock additional events to run.

Internet play allows for races against human opponents all over the world in real time. Race against your friends in a virtual competition! And you thought you didn't have anything to do at work...

Can't coordinate a multiplayer game against anyone else, but still want to compare times? Competitions mode allows you to download and run a race whenever you can, then your splits and route choice are automatically uploaded to the CF server for everyone to see and compare!


A random map generator lets you create an endless supply of maps and courses to run on. You can run on a different map every day for the next 89 years...

A map editor is included with the full version of the game. Used for editing maps and planning courses, it allows full control over terrain, vegetation (down to individual trees and rocks), objects (tables, fences, boats...) and all other aspects of the map. An OCAD file converter lets you start building CF maps from your favorite local terrain.

You can also use the included Ocad Converter to convert your library of Ocad maps into playable CF maps! Train on your home forests!

Klik hier voor een gratis demo-versie.  Veel plezier !

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grappig, heb het even uitgeprobeerd en ziet er leuk uit!

Gepost door: martine | 08-04-09

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