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The route of the World Cup is complete. As first information to whet your appetite we present you the general details of the race that transmit perfectly the huge challenge that we propose to you.

The maximum duration of the race will be 127 hours to cover a maximum distance (best option) of about 910 km. The race will consist of 5 stages with 21 sections, the major stage will have 242 km and the smaller 60 km.

Its also important to highlight the existence of 5 mountain bike shortcuts design to allow all teams in difficulty to easily reach the finish line. These shortcuts have a total of 136 km and will, on many occasions, allow the slower teams to recover the pace and come forward.

The characterization of the various stages will take place during this week, referring to all the technical data of the various sections and alternatives, referring to the number of CPs, the altimetry and the difficulties of the terrain. Will also describe the activities used to overcome the route obstacles and their degrees of difficulty.

Its important to note that the arrival of the race for the winners, is scheduled for Saturday morning, 14th which will force to change the Race Final Program, which will be published in the coming days.

For now, we can anticipate that the race will have 5 stages with 21 sections and will have several alternative routes that will help all the teams coming to the end of the longest and most demanding Adventure Race of the Iberian Peninsula - The 7th World Championship Racing Adventure Portugal 2009.

Compared to the teams present, we should mention that this is the strongest Championship ever and we believe that everything will be decided in the last section of the race. The level of the challenges present in the race will naturally enforce that. We also, premiere a new sport in Adventure Racing, which for now is still secret, but that certainly will provide hilarious moments to athletes and the public.

Regarding the international dissemination, we can already tell that the event will have global coverage through a number of television channels with a potential estimated of 1000 million spectators.

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