Adidas TERREX Adventure Race

Het is dat wel al plannen hebben voor mooie dingen op 28 augustus 2010 anders was dit toch ook erg leuk geweest.

After a 3-year absence of such an event in the UK, the ‘adidas TERREX Adventure Race‘ will take place in August of 2010. Teams of 4 will compete in this 4-day non-stop expedition race throughout the Lake District (the North West of England). The dates for the event are August 27-30, 2010. Race registration is £1350 per team. The race will include the core AR disciplines as well as some ’surprises taking racers to those hidden gems’.

Race entry opens December 15.

We are excited to have another international expedition race being added to the 2010 race calendar. We will keep you posted on more as the information becomes available.

Check out the race website for more info: http://www.adidas-ar.com/index.htm

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