An open letter to; Adventure race directors

Op de site www.gearjunkie.com staat een stuk van een adventure racer en journalist die de sport eens kritish bekijkt. Leuk eraan is dat er veel gereageerd wordt door racers. Hieronder het begin.
Voor alle punten die hij graag anders of verbetert wil zien moet je hieronder even doorklikken.

If we — we being the adventure racing “community” — want adventure racing to grow and remain healthy as a sport, we need to get more people involved. We need some new blood, some new competition. Most of all, we need some new friends. Crazy loonies who want to swim through swamps to save a mile on a trek, or sleep in a cave, four grown humans huddled together for warmth like animals in the night. You know the drill. And so, I offer below a few ideas, some thoughts on how to make this sport a bit more accessible and enticing to our outdoors friends, including the ultra runners we know, the triathletes and the Ironman competitors, which number in the tens of thousands and comprehend what this kind of “recreation” can be about. I am signing off for now. The list is below. Take it or leave it. I gotta run. Gotta go get on my bike and back at it. It’s training time again for yet another big race later this year. —Stephen Regenold

Hier lees je het hele artikel.

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